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Immediate Past President’s Message

Dear SEMI Members and Emergency Physicians of India

It is a proud moment for me to serve as the 10th President of SEMI of the Society of Emergency Medicine of India, with great ambition to take this science and art of Emergency medicine beyond the present horizon.

Even in the 21st century, expert emergency medical care in India is restricted to cities & metropolises alone. Most Indian citizens still live in the rural areas, and they are deprived of even primary emergency medical care. I wish to add further impetus towards strengthening the scope & availability of emergency medical care to every patient across the country, by emphasizing the availability of EM trained doctors & paramedic staff to all the concerned authorities (Govt, Local Trusts, Medical colleges & all private health facilities). Therefore, there is an urgent need of quickly training and certifying a large number of doctors & allied staff in the field of EM.

Over the years, SEMI has highlighted the importance, contribution, and impact of the Emergency Medicine team’s role in significantly improving the outcomes, including survival chance of trauma, accident & medical emergency patients. We must ensure every hospital has an emergency team.

To my young colleagues in the field of EM – I urge you to feel proud and give your best every moment, whether anyone appreciates your work or not, as your most incredible reward is the feeling that you make the most tremendous impact on the survival of the seriously ill patients every day, more than any other specialist in the field of modern medical science. That’s a true honor.

Let every Emergency Medicine team member feel ‘’IT’S A GREAT DAY TO SAVE LIFE’’.

Dr A N Venkatesh
Immediate Past President
Society for Emergency Medicine India

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