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State Chapters


State Chapters under SEMI

The Society for Emergency Medicine India (SEMI), ensures various parameters of its vision & mission are achieved, and implemented, via dedicated SEMI members working within its individual state chapters. The SEMI National Board continuously guides and supports every state chapter towards regional development of emergency care, by working closely with its elected State-specific Board members.

Every state chapter is actively promoting emergency medicine specialty within its cities and towns, via promotion of the specialty to local doctors, working with medical colleges & private hospitals to upgrade their ‘casualty rooms’, starting SEMI-accredited residency training programs in hospitals, supporting international collaborative residency programs, supporting EM postgraduate programs accredited by Medical Council of India (MCI/NMC) and National Board of Examination (NBE), conduct of state-level conferences, CMEs & workshops for physicians, nurses & paramedics, and policy advocacy with local Government & public health authorities.

The State Chapters facilitate individual members to send grass-root level feedback, share innovative ideas & regional best practices, not only locally, but also with the National Board, for further dissemination across the country.

In states where chapters have not yet formed, the National Board works directly with individuals and institutes to develop their emergency care systems.


President – Dr. Kondle Raghu
Vice President – To be announced
Secretary – Dr Bala Krishna Vedulla
Joint Secretary – Dr Praneeth Gangineni
Treasurer – Dr Venkata Sahitya K

President – Dr Alok Kumar
Vice President – Dr Sumit Kumar
Secretary – Dr Parimal Tara
Joint Secretary – Dr Sunil Kumar
Treasurer – Dr Saurav Kumar

President – Dr Ajay Kumar Mishra
Vice President – Dr Amitesh Agarwal
Secretary – Dr Santosh Singh
Joint Secretary – Dr Vinay Kumar Sonu
Treasurer – Dr Jitendra Chandrakar

President – Dr Ankur Verma
Vice President – Dr Sharaang Sachdev
Secretary – Dr Meghana Haldar
Joint Secretary – Dr Asif Q Beig
Treasurer – Dr Kampal Palta

President – Dr Bhavesh Jarwani
Vice President – Dr Sapna Gupta
Secretary – Dr Harshil Mehta
Joint Secretary – Dr Bhavika Patel
Treasurer – 

President – Dr Naga Nischal
Vice President – Dr Bevin DSilva
Secretary – Dr Harshitha S
Joint Secretary – Dr Nilu Sunil
Treasurer – Dr Jagan Mohan Reddy B

President – Dr Shiju Stanley
Vice President – Dr Gangalal
Secretary – Dr Ashish Salim
Joint Secretary – Dr Jinesh
Treasurer – Dr Sreedhanya Sreehari

President – Dr Shweta Tyagi
Vice President – Dr Gauri Ranade
Secretary – Dr Gopal Chaurvedi
Joint Secretary – Dr Saurabh Shahare
Treasurer – Dr Paresh Navalkar

President – Dr Sajid Nomani
Vice President – Dr Anup Kumar Rana
Secretary – Dr Debasis Mishra
Joint Secretary – Dr Abinash Mohanty
Treasurer – Dr Priyabrath Sahoo

President – Dr D Amareswar Reddy
Vice President – 
Secretary – Dr Navin Puttam
Joint Secretary – Dr Raja
Treasurer – Dr Arjun T Sundaram

President – Dr Chetan Goel
Vice President – Dr Rameet Singh
Secretary – Dr Rohani Malhotra
Joint Secretary – Dr Akansa
Treasurer – Dr Jagdeep

President – To be announced
Vice President – To be announced
Secretary – To be announced
Joint Secretary – To be announced
Treasurer –  To be announced

President – Dr Rammohan K R
Vice President – Dr Rajadurai
Secretary – Dr Saravana Vel
Joint Secretary – Dr Karthikeyan
Treasurer – Dr Waseem Ahmed

President – Dr Sudhakar Reddy K
Vice President – Dr Asif Iqbal
Secretary – Dr Sree Laxmi P
Joint Secretary – Dr Seema Sunil Pulla
Treasurer – Dr Syed Safiuddin Ghazi Ali

President – Dr Sujeet Singh
Vice President – Dr Subhan
Secretary – Dr Shefali Sharma
Joint Secretary – To be announced
Treasurer – Dr Ekika Singh

President – Dr Ramyajit Lahiri
Vice President – Dr Kumar Raj
Secretary – Dr Avishek Chatterjee
Joint Secretary – Dr Bodhisatwa Choudhuri
Treasurer – Dr Arijit Sil

For application & details to form/amend a state chapter – Contact – SEMI