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2018-2020 Past President’s Message

Dear SEMI Members 

Wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year 2019.

This is a great opportunity for me in my life to lead SEMI, the oldest and strongest body, which has identified the importance of Emergency Medicine specialty and initiated formation of society in 1999. SEMI  is continuously working on Training, Education, Recognition, Research and Service regards to the emergency medicine specialty. I proudly say that I am a Lifetime Member of Society for Emergency Medicine India (SEMI).

Today, emergency medicine is the trending specialty which has acquired utmost importance across India, both in urban and sub-urban regions. Receiving timely emergency care – is right of every patient. SEMI has the vision to promote highest standards in the diagnosis and management of acute and critical aspects of illness and injury affecting patients of all age groups.

SEMI has done the best possible work in the creation of academic training programs to spread emergency medicine, which are running successfully in a large number of hospitals across the India – which have facilitated  patients to access timely and quality emergency care. Our work continues – Rural areas, where major population is residing, are completely missing the emergency care facilities. This is not acceptable. We all should work towards the provision of best possible emergency medical care to all citizens of India .

On behalf of SEMI, I request everyone in the public and private sectors to join and work along with us for emergency medical care of every citizen of India.

And my Dear Budding Emergency Doctors – Trust Your Specialty, Timely Update Yourselves.

Emergency medicine – is not just medicine, it’s a lot!!!

Dr Sateesh Kumar Kailasam
Past President
Society for Emergency Medicine India

SEMI National Board